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Auto Tint

If you live in or around the Fullerton area of the OC, then you probably have not found yourself with enough time during the day to seek out a quality auto tint service for your automobile. Some people do try to “roll their own” car tinting service to the windows of the vehicle; however, we all likely have friends who have tried to do this and definitely notice the job as being a little lower quality than the car owner likely desired. If you own your own car in our city (or surrounding areas) and are in the market to get a quality auto tinting service that won’t cost you a ton of money, then you should definitely consider making a phone call to My Orange County Auto Glass today.

Our company has been open for 18 years and counting now, and our customers are continually pleased at the overall service quality they enjoy from our expert technician’s time and again. Throughout the time we have been in business, we have always made sure our techs go through the toughest training and certification processes available so that our customers enjoy the highest service quality possible. We bring our mobile service to you at no additional charge, and our shop always keeps your windows in conformance with California state law.

The last thing that you will ever need to worry about when working with our team is getting pulled over by law enforcement for your windows being too dark or having the wrong color tint in our great state. All services completed by our mobile tinting teams comes backed with a 100%, full warranty that remains good for the duration of your ownership of the vehicle. If you do have an issue arise after we call a job done, all you have to do is give our friendly staff a call to make an appointment for our techs to fix the issue as a matter of priority.This rarely happens, but when it does, you go to the top of our priority queue as we put customer service first in all things that we do, and this is the primary reason that we have been a business success for all of these years.

At My Orange County Auto Glass, our shop has been one of the most dependable and reputable service providers in the greater Fullerton area for almost the last two decades in all areas of auto glass tinting and repair. Many times, our new customers will simply not know what they want to have done on their windows when it comes to repairs or tint, and we are more than happy to help find the right answers to the right problems for you or a friend. Our staff always takes time to discuss vehicle specific issues with our customers so that they can enjoy the best possible service for their hard-earned money. Once we wrap up a job, all of the passengers in your vehicle (as well as yourself) will immediately realize a 90% or more reduction in the sun’s UV rays which besides protecting the people, also gives some big protection for the interior of your automobile.

Additionally, you will enjoy an added layer of security once your car has tinted windows. Crooks know that windows with tint applied are much more difficult to shatter, and many times, they will move on to the next auto to break into that does not have tint to prey on an easier target. Please feel free to give our staff a call today to talk about what is in the realm of possible for what our team can do for you. We will gladly review your specific situation, and will always give you a free estimate on any service that our team offers.

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